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The Ultimate Fashion Blog

It's a Tulle Party!

I want to use this opportunity to thank all our friends and family who attended our daughter's christening and party. Thank you all for making it so AMAZING!

She looked so beautiful in her pristine tulle christening dress which brings me to thinking about an article I read on how Tulle skirts are the new fashion statements right. And that is what up my mind on our gorgeous baby's christening gown.

What a better way to start our third year with a Tulle bang and celebrate our 2 year anniversary!

It's a Tulle Party babay!

What I'm Looking At

Summer is truly here in London!

A bit on the strong side if you ask me. Where has the breeze gone?

But...I know...I know. I feel truly blessed for this weather. Needless I say that my shopping glands have expanded massively and my pocket is lighter!

Browsing the web has been one of my favourite past times and it is no surprise that I have some strong interest in what I am about to share with you.

Some of the key fashion pieces that have caught my eye listed here: 

I love love love this Hermes scarf! 

A Givenchy dress after my own heart!

Sophie Hulme Satchel say what!

 A James Long jacket for the glamour days.

A perfect feather manicure.

And a Miller Harris perfume to match and complete.

SM was in my building

Where have you been? Where have you been?? Everyone keeps asking me. I only put my head down at the weekend for a bit to sort out admin stuff and things like that.'s been longer than that! I know.

New focus, new goal, new ambition, new desire, new delight!

Anyway back to basics. So you're wondering by now who was in my building? Well SM!

Stella McCartney was in my building!!! Not literally. But a lucky girl had a special delivery...hand couriered. I said to the courier man, that would be for me thank you. But my giggling gave the game away. 

It feels like forever since I spoilt myself on some designer duds. 

Got me thinking


What will I buy picking my favourite Stella McCartney duds? Here are a few of my fave must have Stella McCartneys.

For that chic cool country evening date 


Easy to pair with anything LBD!

For adding colour to that chic black outfit

My favourite 2013 beauty trends

In a recent discussion with my girlfriends, it was clear we each had differing opinions on this year's hottest beauty trends. What stood out were products we have all tried and tested and love. These are the products I am telling the all on today.

My first is the Laura Mercier bronzer. It does what it says on the tin and some. Blends like a dream, lasts and smells great.

My next favourite is straight hair middle parted. This trend is one I wear very often. It is effortless and yet chic and above all it is very easy to pull off.

Which brings me to my next favourite: eyelashes. Cannot go to any social function without these bad boys. Eylure have been doing celebrity lashes for over 60 years and I must say their product looks pretty natural.


The Big Freeze

Earlier this week, many of us Londoners experienced snowy showers. Some, me in particular, were hoping to have some deep piles of snow to play around in. Unfortunately I did not see the snow I was hoping for, although the rumor in the weather news is that there will still be snow. Let me say I am not holding out for it in case I am disappointed big time.

However, with the weather still very very cold, I am interested in how my divas are wrapping up warm in style. And as you know I am not sitting on the fence with this one, I have a few ideas and have therefore listed some of my favourites here.

This Zara coat with applique sleeves looks stunning and is very affordable. It can be worn with simple pair of well ironed trousers and a simple top or wet look leggings and a bold t-shirt. This would be a go-to for throwing a coat on when it's dire to head out of the door in a minute.

 I also am in love with this Chloe number as it is ideal for perhaps a more fancy event.

I love everything about it, the length, the colour, the cut, the style. It is chic with a hint of fabulousness.

Then there is this true hugger from Zara's collection and it is perfect for a quick trip to the mall for any essentials a girl has to get. I have one similar to this in a beautiful dark green shimmer with a big fur hood and the whole thing is filled with down feathers.

One thing I do know is that coats are like shoes. You need a fur one, a sleek one, a classic one, a dinner one, the list goes on.

What to wear: 2013

So as 2012 is rapidly drawing to a close with only a few lays left to go, my thoughts turn to 2013 and what to wear.

This year saw events from Cannes Film Festival to the London Olympics showcasing many fashionable trends, some new and some revamped from the past. If you remember the ones that make you cringe on Fashion Police, then this is not the place to reiterate them. They surely must be forgotten.

Looking back at the year that brought me many challenges and yet many fantastic opportunities, I am very much hopeful for what success next year brings. And I believe it will be great and abundant success to mirror my hard work in 2012.

One of the key trends I am aspiring to wear is the pencil skirt, not just any pencil skirt. One fashioned for a true diva. 

Apart from that all important waist cinching quality this fashion item posseses, this could also be worn with a bomber jacket for an edgy look.

Another trend I am hoping will last long into 2013 is the mesh infused leggings. Classy and sophisticated yet has an angle to it. Perfect for those long dinner dates with your boyfriends or special partner without screaming "whore!"

But my marilyn1diva girls know they need a little diva when needed. My girl Beyonce has this trend nailed to a T, and I am proud to showcase this as I am also dying to find the studded mesh leggings.

My preference for classy, sophisticated and sexy clothing means one thing! I am open to suggestions so please send me your ideas or expectations for 2013.

There will be plenty of fun and success in the New Year.


Did any of my fashionistas notice the spooky-ness of today's date: 10-11-12?

Well, as I don't do Halloween but yet remain suspertitious around that time of the year, I wasn't far off when I received a newsletter this morning drawing me to this spooky date.

And in true 'marilyn1diva' style, I went out and had a lavish dinner with girlfriends at a rather nice Indian restaurant in Chelsea Village. By the time the second course arrived I was seeing fashion everywhere. Fashion in the food presentations, to my pallette, to the trendy clientelle, oh it was in my eyes.

I wasn't to disappoint either as I wore a beautiful jumper on top of plain black hemp style vest and super cool leggings. And might I add with no effort at all.

Teamed up with a beautiful textured simple black pair of leggings...

Pulled together with...


Fashion on a Sunday

Ok so I know it has been a long time since I posted. But great things have been happening to me my friends and the Good Lord is always amazing.'re all waiting for me to spill the beans and'll just have to watch this page.

So the day began yesterday with hot coffee and a croisant followed by shopping all afternoon. You won't believe what my glistening eyes uncovered....


I want one...

These my fans is the Jimmy Choo Rob Pruitt Anouk Sandals! Aren't they amazeballs?

I have a lovely Chantilly Lace dress in my wardrobe that would suit this gorgeous pair of shoes perfectly. Jimmy Choo shoes are always very well made and I am a huge fan.

Fashion on a Sunday would be perfect with these and a butt hugging pair of designer jeans of your choice and a hemp t-shirt, black leather blazer and huge designer shades to boot.

I love and it gets the 'marilyn1diva' seal of approval for unique fashion trends. 

Laptop bag don't fashion

Mmm mmm mmm! That Krispy Kreme Strawberry Gloss doughnut was just delicious. Fashionably glossy pink and yum yum. I couldn't fault it for an afternoon snack. I thought I'd update you guys before heading out to Harrods this afternoon to pick up some groceries and makeup.



The last time I was in Harrods, approx 2 weeks ago, I was shopping for a laptop bag fashionable enough to carry my 16.4" Sony laptop to work. After hours of futile search of the web, I decided to look into this trendy number from Aspinal of London.

Online photos of this was just perfect for managing my 'tech powerhouse' around my client's offices in London without looking like a labour of love. So, regrettably, I have to say I was very disappointed when I went into the Aspinal of London store to find that it was not ideal for my Sony. Reasons being, although sophisticated, slightly overpriced at £395 with not enough colour selection on the day and any give in the bag itself.

Without wasting time, I dashed off to Westfield to find a wider range of options under one roof where I went to find Mont Blanc, Mulberry and Salvatore Ferragamo. Long search and yet no pleasing this diva!

So finally, my settled choice came from Fossil. Although I had spotted this earlier in their shop window, I wanted to be sure it was in line with the 'marilyn1diva' image. At the office, I need to be conservative yet stylish, a difference to my ultra glamourous self out of the office.

I have to say it's growing on me and I like it even better now for the unique fashion character it has!

London 2012 Fashion

London 2012 is over but I still see that the fashion lives on!

A lot of the nail art designs that were on display through the London capital is still on display a week after the Olympics and it takes me back to fond memories of my favourite nail designs show cased by the athletes.

Some kept it simple while others went all out. Looking at the quality I have to say that I was not a big fan of majority so I have narrowed down the few I found sexy. Some more diva so than others.

I have to say that when I saw this OPI version of blue I fell in love immediately and is now a must try on my list. I'll give this a shot and let you know how it turns out.

Happy Anniversary


Happy Anniversary

A year ago today I started blogging on with the intention of expressing myself through writing and my love for fashion. And I get that not everyone has the same tastes in fashion so that’s why it’s so important to me that a fresh outlook on fashion is generated often to present our next generations with fresh ideas and inspiration.

I am happy to receive comments and notes from my readers about how much they appreciate the site and the information and perspectives highlighted. I am grateful for all your kind comments and constructive criticisms. All comments have been taken on board to improve the way we bring views alive on marilyn1diva. com. But the good work has just begun.

Now in our second year, our hope for extends beyond what we already know. We are now moving into a phase of thinking outside the box on all levels.

My inspiration for the second year comes from the inspiration I received watching my mother make trends and buy super fashionable couture items, right from clothing to interior decoration. It set me apart from the crowd when it came to choosing the right accessories or even pieces at home. Amazing how such influences at a very young age in one's life could impact them forever.

So what inspires you? I’ll be glad to hear your stories and to share my ideas with you.

With love from a team that cares about your thoughts always


£105m Whopper - My spend list

So after celebrating my birthday at Mango Tree, some of my friends are suggesting ideas for this week’s £105m Euro Millions Whopper.
I would like to say that I wish I could spend £105m courtesy Euro Millions in the following diva ways:
First on my list is giving back what I’ve been blessed with - Replenishing all deserving.
Second on my list is no secret. My fondness for super cars.
Growing up surrounded by people who live their lives buying some of these cars, it’s no surprise to me at all that I have my own ideas of what cars I classify as my super car fans. 
1. A Bugatti Veyron comes top of the list; 
2. Followed by a Gumpert in the colour vibrant metallic blue; 
Look at those wheel arches!
3. Then a white Lambo Gallardo on black diamond wheels – this one is strange cos I have dreamt in my sleep so many times that I own this one and next on my list, all parked in line in my underground garage; 
4. An R8 Spyder – obviously; 
5. A Porsche 918 Hybrid Spyder; 

Fashion at Work

With so many options for shopping high end fashion items for the work place it is easy to lose yourself in the ideas of someone else. This is because London has the ability to dazzle a fashionista with the benefit of choice.

I love choice.

It's like freedom. I love to know that at the snap of my fingers I can get anything I want and that makes me very happy. fashion item that has caught my attention and in line for a purchase this week is this beautifully executed ladies business & laptop briefcase from Aspinal of London.

With a price tag of £425 it is a bargain!!!

Elegant and straight to the point without being too pompous. It's the perfect bag to match that beautiful suit whether it is from Rhodes or Moss Boss. Nothing says you mean business like this vintage croc calf leather. The honours go to Aspinal of London. Well done.

But ladies be sure to match it with a classic style suit and scarf.

Trendy Tuesday v4

There are sunglasses and there are sunglasses. The BF and I went shopping over the weekend and it was amazing to pick up on the London trend in 2012 even from a wide group of shoppers. But as not all of these shoppers necessarily live in London or have that 'ooomph' it is fair to say 'dismiss the trend'.

Dismiss the trend? I know I know.


How about setting the trend. Without being too controversial, and staying true to marilyn1divas, it's important to say that a true diva has her own trend. And need I say my favourites sunglasses as seen above are the infamous Dolce and Gabanna DG2027B which are worth $383,609! I love them because of their sexy shape but as even I do not have the luxury of splurging that amount of money on a pair of diamond encrusted sunglasses I'll miss it from the list. 

How about setting the trend. Without being too controversial, and staying true to marilyn1divas, it's important to say that a true diva has her own trend.

So, my top five designer sunglasses for 2012...In no particular order



These are fun for summer and if not already doing a come back soon, then look out.

Next is a man after my own heart.

Tom Ford

Ideal for a stylish afternoon without breaking the bank and certainly my cup of tea.

And with another Tom Ford following closely it's hard to choose if you must buy one.

Almost there marilyn1diva. Next on my list is >

Tiffany and Co

It's just delicious with portraying true diva qualities.


And finally...


This new Butterfly sunglasses from Gucci is simply stunning.


Cannes in Love

Ooh la la!

Cannes in love!

Every moment at a Cannes festival is a moment to be relived because the French know how to pull a sophisticated gala. A true diva knows where the moment of glamour lies to enjoy in the sheer joy.

This sophisticated look is simply what a marilyn1diva is all about.

A statement look can be tricky to pull of if you are keen on remaining classy and this look couldn't have been done more to perfection.

With summer already upon us, some colours says more diva than others. These colours are yellow, orange, nude (but paired with vibrant colours), cobalt blue, green and some shimmery accessories.

The vibrant yellow matched with nude peep toes is the best choice a true diva needs to show stop!

Which Hair Color


Stand out of the crowd by going to the extreme

If your hair color is not extreme and blends in then that is not good at all. Really bad and does nothing for your divalicious image.

Go to the extremes of the brunette color chart. Go very dark or very light.

Right now I am rocking a very dark color which everyone loves and has been very complimentary about. When straightened it sits past my bra clasp just enough to give me the edge and keep me from trying too hard.

Another option to rocking a wicked hair style is the fashionable bangs. 


Bangs are back baby!


 Brunette bangs are chic enough to rock the party at a board meeting, steal the show in the up-market clubs and turn heads on the street. Word is if your hair isn't doing any of these then you're having a bad hair day. Oops I said it.

Assets: Think Hair! Always!



Mulberry March

It's my Mulberry March season and the four fashion items I am so loving this season are:

Look at this, just got this. Isn't it just cute? Makes my boots stand out well good.

As luck would have it, this second Mulberry bag has just been on the runway and I can't stop thinking of buying it too.

So then this one comes in from my cousin who's just bought this. It would be good for work and I see if I can get my daddy to buy this one for me (I'm expectant at this point).


But if the Mulberry handbag is out of your price reach, maybe you should consider this last item on my top 4 Mulberry list. It's under £200 and adds that colour zing to your day.


Party Friday v3

I was looking for a new hot sexy dress for my ultra glam black suede heels when I saw these. As you all know me, I went crazy eyed at these hot dresses.

I have placed an order and cannot wait for the delivery. 

First of all blue is one of my favourite colours and lace is so very chic and trendy right now.

So as my lovely BF is out of town this weekend, Party Friday is back on with the girls. My second champagne this week and some beautiful food and wine in a stunning setting.


Trendy Tuesday v3

2012 starts with Trendy Tuesday.

With so much choice it would be interesting to see what unique fashion remains. I know there will be lots of unique fashion and I guess the search start now to secure the best for the new season.

Rihanna in her new video - You da one - showed off her stunning new hairstyle and I feel the trend charts are going to go big with this one. I love the video and the new hair.

So my next stop is Nude nail polish. I've always loved them and I think they add a touch of class and sophistication to today's mordern diva. And to show you what I mean, take a look at Riri's nude nails.