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The Ultimate Fashion Blog

Shopping Saturday v3

Fashionably Warm does not have to break the bank. Yet it does not necessarily mean you have to buy a worthless piece of coat.

This Biba coat caught my eye on the website.

It looks beautifully made but without the $1000 price tag. The camel colour makes a coat classy but it is the beautiful fur around the neck that gives it the diva status.

Another coat I have kept my keen eye on is the House of Fraser Linea coat below. It is great for casual to formal at the same time keeping it simple.

And guess what?

It is on SALE! I know I know. I never would have gone to the sale but now I can.

How? I just do not have to go to the shops at sale time - all I have to do is log on online and I would still benefit from the fantastic price tags. My bff analysed the situation the other day by saying I hate the sales because of all the crowds trying to buy the same thing. It may be true.

Question is: should I buy the Linea coat because it is on a good price or should I follow my eyes to the path it leads to the Biba coat?

Are Biba coats any good?

Then there was one which got away and it's this gorge is this?