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Hats Of to the Winter Games 2015

Earlier today I was shopping online for some new hats for my lovely daughter Penelope. It was obvious very early on which hats she liked the best in my search, which prompted another shortlist after what I thought was the "shortlist".

Recollecting a few weeks ago, while in Westfield Shepherd's Bush, a mum of two approached me to ask what brand Penelope's hat was as she loved it so much. It was an Ugg Australia hat we bought from their Outlet in Bicester Village. I was just glad it lasted well... at least she has had it since being 6 months old.

A couple of years fast forward, I think it's time to add to her winter hat collection. So without much further ado, let me show you the best winter hats we selected in pictures.






Sonia Rykiel Paris

Mummy's Guide to Gifts under £50

I have emerged after my long vacation of peace and tranquility...known as mummy in a funk mode...supercharged with various exciting ideas. But really the one I wanted to post about is the question I keep getting from my mum friends about what to gift this Christmas and how to keep it under £50.

While grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I met a family and was instantly drawn to the gorgeous jacket their toddler son was wearing. It had this big fluffy-ness around the hood which I love and have been on the hunt for a jacket like that for my toddler daughter. Unfortunately they received it as a gift from Switzerland.

In my quest for finding my little one a jacket with big fluffy-ness hood, I stumbled across a website called Bibaloo and I must say I am in love all over again. Yay yay! Deux par Deux's Fluffy Puffy is now on my list. Although this jacket might retail for more than £50 it looks like a keeper.

This next one is TroiZenfants and you can clearly see why we are in love! Also another one not under £50 but full of promise, elegance and style. I simply cannot pass this one by. From the hood to the trimmings, the feel and the finish, it is one classy jacket for any little girl who loves to dress up.

It is my believe that our little girls are an extension of their mummies hence my quote phrase "What's your style?".

A Poppy Millie dress such as in this photograph above is fast becoming a favourite here at Team M1D Baby. The green sweater pulls this effortlessly chic look together without trying to over-impress. With a look like that we could not omit off our list.

I am not a fan or lover of capes but this cutie right here is my turning point. Stunning!

Cool kids

Being a mom to a cool kid, I am always filled with joy when I shop for my lovely daughter.

And as moms around the world know, Christmas is never an exception.

Baghera France

Having outgrown her Eastcoast walker, it's natural for her toy transition to involve some fun-filled push around or pull along device. And oh no, no ordinary such device will accomplish the task quite simply. This is how I arrived at searching for ride ons one evening with a glass of pinot noir while looking at Khloe Kardashian's Ebay page for her usual deals on some hot heels.

Baghera is the latest buzz on my lips at the minute. I was impressed right from the beginning soon as I laid sight of it online. If you have experience of this toy, please contact us or leave a comment as I am eager to hear from other moms and dads with opinions on this.

It is amazing to see that most moms around the world share this acute enthusiasm when it comes to a new something for our bontitos.

What Do I Think of Curls?

Would you believe I started this post at the beginning of July this year to tell you all about my experience with the Curls products for my little girl. After months of running around being Busy Bee, I can finally bring you my fair review.

Being mummy to a fabulous princess with long ringletty hair and a wonderful personality living in busy London, I was happy to find that her hair loves this stuff. I found lots of reviews online from mums all over the world and asserted this had to be a must try. I decided to give this a go as a step-up from Burts Bees Tears Free Shampoo and Wash. Very happy I did!

Very often I hear mums of biracial kids complaining about how to keep those curls moisturized and bouncy. Look no further because I think this new routine will live long. And here is why...

Our usual routine includes washing her hair every week. So on the said evening when I give her a bath for bedtime, I wash her hair with Curls Peak-a-boo shampoo. Give it a good rinse and then lather with Curls Patty Cake Conditioner. Then carry on giving her a wash while she plays happily splashing bubbles around her baby bath. I got one of those giant Mamas and Papas baby baths and I am so glad I did. Seriously they are so worth the money.

Anyway so the conditioner would have been in her hair for at least 10 minutes before giving her hair a really good rinse. At this point she's usually had enough of me washing her hair. We pat dry as much as I can, follow on with baby lotion for her skin, nappy and baby-grow. A few dips of Tiana's Extra Virgin Coconut oil rubbed in my palm and massaged into her hair locks in moisture right away. A quick comb through with a wide tooth comb keeps it from being knotted in the morning.

I ensure her hair is dry before she goes to sleep. The next day, a little Coconut oil is applied to her scalp. Another comb through and her hair is glorious!

Welcome M1D Baby

We at team marilyn1diva are very pleased to welcome our new segment - M1D Baby.

It is important to acknowledge the beautiful and talented babies of our wonderful moms who send us inspiration to bring you this blog every time there is a new posting.

The New Release M1D Baby is solely dedicated to all things Beautiful Baby Fashion.

So we will encourage you to check back shortly for the new, the right now and hottest baby and junior

fashion out in London, New York and Paris.