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How I tote my style

Recently I read a blog written by a writer who couldn’t write for a very long time. What?! She attributed her condition to stress from her regular role and conflicting schedules. But when she gained insight into how much void was created because she left her readers hanging, she decided to get out of her ”blunk” and write again. Her journey was an amazing and inspiring one that led me to also come out of my shell.

As you have noticed, I haven’t written or posted anything recently, certainly not for at lease a couple of years! Ouch.

So what changed my mind and why now? I literally love writing and have been doing so since I was 14. My love for books is evident in how much of it I read and buy for my children. But at some point when corporate demands and multiple commitments come into play I have found myself wandering away from posts I have started and failed to finish.

Searching for a new work bag gave me the inspiration to bring my thoughts to the page again. Totes are massively on trend this season and the one question that I asked myself was “what are totes really used for”?

Dumping everything in your day’s schedule including the coffee?

For me a great work tote must have structure, personality to match the owner and grab handles thick enough to support my morning toast! If that is a good tote then what makes a powerful tote? One that has all the characteristics of a great tote but also says I am big enough to be in my lane.

So I have narrowed down the totes that I am seriously considering and will be sharing some pictures with you in the coming days.

  1. Paul Costelloe Grab bag

  2. Miu Miu Limited edition

  3. Bally Tote bag

  4. Hobbs Black Moorgate Tote

  5. Lulu Guinness Black Grab bag

You’ll notice some of my shortlisted items say grab bag - is it a grab or a tote. That style of tote with a grab bag handle is of primal interest to me.

Let me know which one you think I should go for and I will share with you the one that finally made it to my wardrobe.

Until next time, xoxo

Long Coat Season

Recently I have found checking the weather online very useful. It has saved me a few trips in the rain which in my opinion is worth the wait when you have a little toddler in tow. Over the months leading up to Autumn, I began phasing out the stroller because my toddler is independent and would much rather have fun hopping on the train from the platform (holding mummy's hand of course).

Today was one such day where the weather was just not permitting this free-and-about-town-mummy to carry out her plans. Rainy and cold just about sums it up.

If you are not a typical jeans person like me, then you might need to come up with better alternatives because the weather in London today is a long coat and fitted jeans weather. Leave the boyfriend jeans to when the ground is all dry. And for my mum friends, fitted jeans are best for you as they accentuate your fabulous legs.

I will share with you in a later post my top fitted jeans. But right now I really want to talk about the key piece to coping with this cold weather and it's your long coat. If you do not have one, then pay attention carefully.

Rounding up some of the most flattering and beautiful long coats in the pictures.

MaxMara Coat

MaxMara Coat

MaxMara Lallo Coat

MaxMara Lallo Coat

MaxMara Coat featuring Gigi Hadid

MaxMara Coat featuring Gigi Hadid

Chloe belted coat

Chloe belted coat

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year everyone. I know you have all been so busy and likewise but sometimes you know there are no excuses. This year I have made it my resolution to write more and post more. Armed with a new Canon camera, how can I tame my photography passion?

Some of you know I have been battling a few issues lately but I am happy to say that those issues are now behind me. For this diva, the New Year has truly began with a very promising start. 

In my New Year's message to my followers, I strongly promoted self confidence because it is at the center of all success. Without believing in myself I would not be able to achieve all that I have achieved. And for someone to even believe in me, it all starts with self confidence.

A few years ago I recorded and watched an interview with Amanda De Cadenet and Diane Von Furstenberg. The ever-so-inspiring Diane said something in that interview that reminded me of the very reason I am inspired by success and wealth. She revealed to Amanda that she never really knew what she wanted to do but she knew she wanted to be an independent woman. 

I share the same inspiration and passion, and to me an independent woman is far more attractive than the alternative. Somehow it makes me wonder if the way we are brought up has anything to do with our perspectives on the matter. I certainly know that having a baby didn't stop me going back to work in 3 weeks. For some that is relateable but for some that is just pure madness.

So whatever you find yourself doing this new year, remember there is only one of you. If you hear a lot of no to a really good idea that you believe in, then you are surrounding yourself with the wrong crowd. Nothing in your vision will come true if you do not stop associating with the wrong crowd. It is time to move on. Things really do work for you when you believe in yourself. It's not a fairy tale, it is true. 

Goodluck and keep love alive.

Muah muah muah

Love M


Are you updating a wardrobe or thinking about adding some cool fashionable or classic pieces before the year ends? Then stay with me while I show you some stunning items which I discovered recently.

chic wardrobe

As you have already gleaned from the previous post, I am so into my leather jackets right now. If you do not have one, ladies, you gotta get one in the style that best suits you. And urgently. They are so versatile and cool. But what you mustn't do is buy faux leather. That just won't cut it.

Philipp Plein Crocodile Leather

This Philipp Plein leather jacket will set you back a few many $$,000 but we just love it's individuality. Who knew crocodile skin made a fabulous jacket?

Another find which I am so happy to talk about is The Celine Cobalt Blue bag which we simply adore.

Celine bag

This bag is simply a winning staple in any diva's wardrobe but if you have been out priced, then at least aim to have some accessories in this beautiful bold colour. This colour says 'I am confident and pack a style, don't I know it'.

So what is the alternative you might ask? Here...

Celine sunglasses

A shade of sunglasses that turns everything in your sight into a beautiful realm.

What chic wardrobe staples have you stumbled across recently? Do share xoxo

Leather on Leather_Leather everything

It has been a few months since my last post in what looks like a decade and each time I sit down with my laptop and the Sky remote next to me (after putting my dear little daughter to bed), I utterly feel guilty for coming up with no finished content.

In such situations, it isn't because I have nothing to write about but rather that the tiredness I have been deluding myself of all day finally catches up with me and renders me totally incapable of making sense of my drafts. This of course means I missed out on sharing with you my thoughts on some epic fashion shows some of which you know are favorites like Cannes...that was a sad week of not posting anything.

So I have decided to splurge on a real leather jacket. Why? To appease my troubled soul pursuant to so many procrastinated start and stop posts that never got published. And perhaps you could say that Kim Kardashian inspired me with her leather on leather look. This is my first time buying or owning a leather jacket, so much so that it became a very insightful journey. I read some great reviews from some websites like, and 

This £3,000 Givenchy Leather on Velvet jacket was very close to what I had envisaged in mind so armed with this visual I was on the hunt for a bargain. 

Finally settling between the very well priced £140 real leather H&M jacket versus the £100 real leather River Island jacket. I know I know, both stores are very cheap hunts for what this luxury lady is all about but I have to say the H&M one was a clear favorite not only for me and my focus group but also a general bloggers favorite!

Just so you can see what I mean, I have posted pictures of both for your analysis.

River Island £100 Real leather jacket

The difference between the two? Well the H&M looks more like the Givenchy one while still maintaining an individual look. Even better, it is leather all the way through!

H&M £140 Real Leather jacket

Golden Globes 2015

A few eye catching moments for me this year at the Golden Globes. So without further ado here are my favourite hot picks.

Elegant Juliana Margulies

Elegant Juliana Margulies looks very beautiful and classy just how we love and adore to see her. She always delivers brilliantly. Well done.

When I saw Emma Stone's ensemble I thought yep! Spot on!

If you are going to wear trousers to an event such as this, then I believe in keeping it simple. Emma did this and more. She was simply stunning and fashion forward in a very good and wow way.

Trend Setting Emma Stone

Trend Setting Emma Stone

Trend Setting Emma Stone

Trend Setting Emma Stone

Another favourite this year saw Jennifer Lopez looking very glam. Wow!!!

Golden Globes 2015 was looking very well turned out.

Wow!!! Jennifer Lopez

However my favourite look was my wow actress Kate Hudson.

Wow!!!!!!! This is the way to do it Kate Hudson

Wow!!!!!!! This is the way to do it Kate Hudson

What a winner in my mind! Always stunning but here she out did herself.

Stunning Kate Hudson

Coat Is Fabulous In 2015

Where have all the fabulous coats gone?...My thoughts while shopping online for a new warm friend. Hmmm maybe the sales have got these fashionistas in a corner so they could not resist raiding the rails of all the shops in London!

Until I remembered "The Duvet Coat". I already have a "Duvet" coat which is snuggly and warm but fancy a change. You know how a shopaholic makes an excuse just to go shopping? In my world it means get another one now.

Duvet Coat

Here's the thing. When I shop for anything, I am looking for exquisite. I like a certain look and ordinary anything just doesn't cut it for me.

So AW14/15 coats that appeal to me right now are the Duvet Coats from Chloe, Kenzo and Junya Watanabe.

Junya Watanabe strikes me as the kind of apparel artist who makes fabulous pieces and thinks outside the box. This may not win majority votes but so does "thinking outside the box" fashion. It is very important in today's fashion world for great pieces to stand out in a clever way. This is because the market provides a rich choice.

Another clever masterpiece is a Max Mara coat. A staple in every fashionable girl's wardrobe.

A Max Mara Camel all I can say!

Starting my 2015 with a bang

2015 is here and I find myself extraordinarily excited!

It is going to be a wonderful and special year for everyone and the best way to achieve all of our aspirations this year is to remember that karma does come around. The best attitude towards that is to put your best foot forward in everything.


My outlook on achievements has changed dramatically and I must confess that this change became evident in the run up to Christmas. My life long objectives remain the same but the way I derive satisfaction at every stage in my journey towards achieving these objectives has become ultimate and satisfactory.

Suddenly the way I view my routes to achieving my objectives are in a completely different light. I have found amazing peace within and at this stage realise that the only way is up.

I am taking the love, success and blessings received from 2014 and moving full speed ahead into 2015 with my loved ones and family. 

It is certainly a fact that my desires are here at last and I wish you all the same too!

Muah muah muah xx

Gladiator 2014

This summer I'm thinking short shorts, flat sandals, hats and sun glasses!

Looking here looking there, where will I find the best!

Free People is a new brand I discovered today and already shopping girls... check their stuff out below. I love their edgy look which brings me fresh ideas on styling my wardrobe for this summer which by the way will carry on into September in London.

I am in love with these. Team them up with some really cool short jeans shorts and a white cami top, you know the ones that feel like silk and you're good to go.

These are so cool. Very sexy when paired with the right fashion wear and accessories (and I'll give you a brief and quick list of pulling sexy with these).

Success Friday

Today is a special day in our lives and that of my family. For those of you who know me well would know that today has now marked a special blessing for which I am truly grateful.

That bottle of champagne in the fridge will get opened tonight. There will be lots of cheer in my household tonight followed by a weekend of utter happiness.

Now here's the thing, I am now looking for that feel good outfit for tonight. An outfit that says marilyn1diva has come out to play!

Orange is indeed the new black and this is something we are very excited about....Christian Louboutin Riviera Clutch in love love

Matched with stunning Christian Louboutin Galata pumps!

Mmmm can I find something in my wardrobe to drape over my body? Aha! And there it was. A lovely black wrap dress dying to be worn since May.

MET Gala Bonanza

MET Gala cop out

How many of you have found yourselves desperately trying to retrieve a posting that should have gone live ages ago but failed? That feeling!

This posting should have gone live on May 5 and I must say it is not the way I expected to begin my excitement about the MET Gala this year. 

Or was it a MET Gala Fiasco? Hit it!

SJP brought it big!

Wow! were my thoughts and feelings when I first saw Sarah Jessica Parker's MET gown. Oh la la. This is how to do it from the hair to the gown to the accessories. Perfecto!

Admittedly, only a handful of celebrities made the marilyn1diva team cut and as we've started with the winner of the show, SJP, shall we carry on?

Another wow! Bam! Rihanna wowed big time

Kim Kardashian looked stunning in this unusual ensemble for her

Beyonce looked stunning as ever

Ted Baker Friday

I was online shopping, a couple of Fridays ago, for some trendy fashionable Ted Baker items to wear Spring/Summer 2014. 

Ted Baker driving gloves

As some of you know, I am obsessed with Ted Baker and so is my partner. However, I did not manage to finish the handy collection I was putting together as mummy duty called.

But if this mummy could not finish her shopping a couple of Fridays ago, then today will see Miss Determination do just that! So it is now mid day and I find my self looking at some of the items on my handy collection list and I'm thinking what did I see in that?!

Not to confuse this with the fact that I am still obsessed with most of Ted Baker's SS/14 Collection. I am getting a new car this year and as often, driving in the sun is very challenging for women who want to maintain the youth of their hands. Add that challenge to being a mum and it's nearly impossible. So I decided wearing driving gloves where I can is a must and the purple Ted Baker gloves shown above is super stylish and cool.

By the way, for those sassy moms looking to keep their hands fresh and youthful, I have been trying out Skin Doctors Younger Hands hand cream and it's promising so far. I plan to buy some more in order to gain from the full benefits. Here's keeping my fingers crossed for these busy mummy fingers!

Ted Baker Oil Painting Skirt

Ted Baker Oil Painting Skirt

I just love this oil painting skirt. It's so chic and classy, perfect for my summer 2014.

Ted Baker Stripe Skirt

Ted Baker Stripe Skirt

I love the playful fun in this skirt. It's perfect for that spring/summer barbecue.

I keep saying, a lady must never forget her handbag. And ladies, this does not disappoint.

Stephane Rolland Wow!

Stephane Rolland who? Stephane Rolland wow!!!

Sometimes when fabulous women have babies they often forget where they came from...fabulousity.

It is absolutely important to remind ourselves that being fabulous again is around the corner. For me, I practically did this by shopping for new inspiration I would be proud of. That's when I found Stephane Rolland and I am totally smitten.

Her pieces are surprisingly ready to wear and I'm just in love!

A fabulous lady needs to be courted properly and the only place to do this is at the ball.

And this fabulous lady needs to sharpen her waltz again.

If these are your favourite Stephane Rolland pieces then please share by linking with us.

Black is the new black

New beginnings new start. We bought a house, finally, after what seemed like a struggle through major bidding wars. Partly down to an iniquitous dilly dallying estate agent and determined buyers like ourselves who were relentless in out bidding each other. 

It is fair to say that after bidding almost 10pc above the asking price on our ideal home and losing it to the other buyers who mysteriously "matched" our offer every single time, we quickly became very smart if we were to stand any chance of winning this game. I can now reveal we are moving very soon after baby proofing the new home :-)

You can now imagine what the house is beginning to look like, sorting through our possessions, especially my bags. And then I couldn't help but peek online to see if I'd find something chic for summer 2014. All my girlfriends would attest to the fact that I do not own a black bag except for small clutches. So it was even surprising to me that I have taken a liking to these.

Have a look and tell me what you think.


Celine Black Pebbled Leather mini tote

Celine Black Pebbled Leather mini tote

Bionic track tote by Reed Krakoff

Bionic track tote by Reed Krakoff

Celine Edge bag  Love!!!! My favourite  And Kourtney does it justice here. Just simply beautiful.

Celine Edge bag

Love!!!! My favourite

And Kourtney does it justice here. Just simply beautiful.



My best friend Dionne sent me a text recently just after Christmas to tell me some fabulous fashion news. As we both have beautiful baby girls, our fashionista tendencies to dress our baby girls in fabulous clothing unfortunately rules our world with no hesitation.

Having seen Victoria Beckam's gorgeous baby Harper in her stunning Chloe coat and very fashionable Ugg boots,  Dionne needn't try to convince me further of the way we like our kids to play dress up. I'm in with her on this one. Need I say a very Chloe baby or Ralph Lauren tot is the way we both want to go.

So Dionne this post is for you and my lovely daughters.

2013 was a very good year for me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

It simply was the best. The birth of my baby girl, a fantastic job, a better relationship, a happy home, what more can a lucky girl ask for. 

I tell you....looking for exceptional quality pieces is what I watch out for all the time. So looking back at 2013, I am inspired with a new direction and my first post for the New Year is obviously dedicated to my friend Dionne, her daughter and my little mini-me.

After assembling quite a few shopping baskets on a few of my favourite websites like these below, I had racked up a bit of an over spend quandrum and needing to find a save me button to shrink my choices into a few good items. 


I hope that 2014 fashion for my little fashionista sees some trendy clothes from Right Bank, Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Pediped & others xx



Did any of my fashionistas notice the spooky-ness of today's date: 11-12-13?

Well, as you already know from last year's post that I don't do Halloween, but continue to look out for any spooky stuff happening around this time of the year xx

But! That's not what I'm here to talk about.

I have been reading a book by Rhonda Byrne called The Magic and have to say it is fantastic. You know where am going with this. Already putting The Magic to the test in envisioning my Christmas wardrobe.

We want to hear about your Christmas wardrobe for 2013. It's so special to me because I get so inspired by reading all your thoughts and comments.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!


The I'm In Love Series

Today's posting is specifically being created for myself and my fashionistas. There is a true joy that comes with even just beholding fashion pieces such as these. And it is with that true joy I can't wait to share these with you.

I begin with Oscar de la Renta's gorgeous diva.

Perfect perfect perfect!


  Oooh la la laah!


I want me some of that!


Excellent! Cool and collected.


Simple weekender


Little Black Sexy 


Best at the MET

So recently the debate popped again among my friends and I and it was all about the MET Gala 2013. I cannot believe we are still arguing over who our favourites were at the Gala this year and although it seems like it's been ages since the MET Gala earlier this year, but the MET Spirit still lives on.

In explaining to my friends the simple matter of fashion, the only common ground we all shared was Bey's wicked sence of fashion at the gala. Turning heads in a Givenchy gown, we are still swooning over how pretty well Bey looks.

So without wasting time, let me refresh our memory with some of my favourites:

Everything says Best at the MET Gala 2013. Beyonce looks amazing, just gorgeous.

Sarah Jesicca Parker's MET Gala headpiece is one to note and remember.

She who wears the crown