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Party Friday


I think of Friday as fun, go lucky, be silly, it's the end of the typical work week, let your hair down...all at once.

You must be thinking - Is she silly? No, when you work hard the last thing you want to do is have a bothersome weekend. So, I'll say it again...Illamasqua!!!

While shopping in London's Westfield Shopping Centre last christmas, my HB and I popped into MAC so I could top up my makeup. At the checkout, this girl processing payment took my card and I was instantly hooked on the colour of her nails. 

So I asked,

What are you wearing?

"Illamasqua" she said.

So I came home and Googled. The colour blew me away and since then, my Party Fridays are even more fun.

Starting your Party Friday is easier than you think. Even if it's just one new thing you add, ladies, it's always worth it. For me, Illamasqua represents my nails. In order for me to relax and enjoy myself, I must know that my nails will not put me to shame.

From a colour that pops to a moorish one, a nail must be buffed, polished and given colour along with a really wet look.

The best top coat I found that gives me this wet look is CND Super Shiney.