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It was very nice to be invited to a Kinari Art event, in an elegant and beautiful private home in Kensington London, by my good friend Adam Fenikowski.

I almost did not make it because of a business commitment outside of London which meant I had to make a two and half hour journey each way to Sheffield. It was refreshing that my gorge boyfriend came to meet me at St Pancras because by that point I was dead beat and ready to fall. But he kept assuring me that I still looked lovely. I was wearing a Sandra Darren dress, which he bought me as a gift for which I have received so many compliments, and a pair of black suede platform pumps.

A short taxi ride from Kensington High Street station ensured we got to the venue just before 9pm.

Once inside, it made total sense why the property was on sale for 15 million great brittish pounds. It was tastefully designed and decorated, from the cream plush carpets to the tastefully selected silk blinds and curtains to the unique pieces of furniture stylishly thrown around the 5 storey property.

Anyway, the purpose of attending the private art viewing was not for the property. It was to support my good friend Adam Fenikowski. 

Adam is a truly gifted and talented artist whose art is unique and refreshing. From some of my favourites which I'd seen on his website to ones show yesterday like the Banana Beauty Contest to the Geometry of the Mind series, the Vivaldi Primevara to the one my boyfriend loves, the Rendezvous With Firewater.

Simply stunning!