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The Beehive Hairstyle

So as you know, the beehive hairstyle is back. And I've never been a keen fan.

But in the interest of not killing the spirit, I've been asked to write my views about it. In order to come up with some unique and fresh intake on this, I had to surf the net.

So for the true 'marilyn1diva' girl who is ultra glam and ultra sophisticated, here are my top beehives.

So at number 5

The Suno Show autumn/winter 2011

I like this beehive because it looks unique. It's smart enough for an evening updo event yet stylish enough to wear with a silk blouse and a pair of skinny jeans.

At number 4

You've got to love Audrey Hepburn even if we were too young to fully understand the true nature of her beauty. We can only admire her from her photos. So why is she my number four on the beehive hair scale? Audrey's beehive image is a unique look that can only be worn by someone very alike Audrey.

So at number 3

The gorgeous Rihanna. With hair like flame, you can only turn hot dudes your way. She looks hot and sexy and the hair colour does make a huge difference to this beehive. I hate to say it, but on a joking note, looks like the beehive's on fire!

So on a more serious note, here is my number 2

Awww, that smile, that skin and that hair. Beyonce is certainly the most beautiful woman in the world. She wears the beehive with grace. 

I love love love this beehive because it has the 'marilyn1diva' signature of approval yet it is not as crazy as some of 2011 beehives. Personally, it's my number one but it didn't make it because...

Here's number 1


JLo won our 'marilyn1diva' signature beehive. Stunning is the word!

This is the kind of beehive you get when you shell out the frankies.

I love this beehive because the colour is beautiful. It's the most beautiful beehive I've seen.