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The Ultimate Fashion Blog

Which Hair Color


Stand out of the crowd by going to the extreme

If your hair color is not extreme and blends in then that is not good at all. Really bad and does nothing for your divalicious image.

Go to the extremes of the brunette color chart. Go very dark or very light.

Right now I am rocking a very dark color which everyone loves and has been very complimentary about. When straightened it sits past my bra clasp just enough to give me the edge and keep me from trying too hard.

Another option to rocking a wicked hair style is the fashionable bangs. 


Bangs are back baby!


 Brunette bangs are chic enough to rock the party at a board meeting, steal the show in the up-market clubs and turn heads on the street. Word is if your hair isn't doing any of these then you're having a bad hair day. Oops I said it.

Assets: Think Hair! Always!