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Best at the MET

So recently the debate popped again among my friends and I and it was all about the MET Gala 2013. I cannot believe we are still arguing over who our favourites were at the Gala this year and although it seems like it's been ages since the MET Gala earlier this year, but the MET Spirit still lives on.

In explaining to my friends the simple matter of fashion, the only common ground we all shared was Bey's wicked sence of fashion at the gala. Turning heads in a Givenchy gown, we are still swooning over how pretty well Bey looks.

So without wasting time, let me refresh our memory with some of my favourites:

Everything says Best at the MET Gala 2013. Beyonce looks amazing, just gorgeous.

Sarah Jesicca Parker's MET Gala headpiece is one to note and remember.

She who wears the crown