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SM was in my building

Where have you been? Where have you been?? Everyone keeps asking me. I only put my head down at the weekend for a bit to sort out admin stuff and things like that.'s been longer than that! I know.

New focus, new goal, new ambition, new desire, new delight!

Anyway back to basics. So you're wondering by now who was in my building? Well SM!

Stella McCartney was in my building!!! Not literally. But a lucky girl had a special delivery...hand couriered. I said to the courier man, that would be for me thank you. But my giggling gave the game away. 

It feels like forever since I spoilt myself on some designer duds. 

Got me thinking


What will I buy picking my favourite Stella McCartney duds? Here are a few of my fave must have Stella McCartneys.

For that chic cool country evening date 


Easy to pair with anything LBD!

For adding colour to that chic black outfit