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How I tote my style

Recently I read a blog written by a writer who couldn’t write for a very long time. What?! She attributed her condition to stress from her regular role and conflicting schedules. But when she gained insight into how much void was created because she left her readers hanging, she decided to get out of her ”blunk” and write again. Her journey was an amazing and inspiring one that led me to also come out of my shell.

As you have noticed, I haven’t written or posted anything recently, certainly not for at lease a couple of years! Ouch.

So what changed my mind and why now? I literally love writing and have been doing so since I was 14. My love for books is evident in how much of it I read and buy for my children. But at some point when corporate demands and multiple commitments come into play I have found myself wandering away from posts I have started and failed to finish.

Searching for a new work bag gave me the inspiration to bring my thoughts to the page again. Totes are massively on trend this season and the one question that I asked myself was “what are totes really used for”?

Dumping everything in your day’s schedule including the coffee?

For me a great work tote must have structure, personality to match the owner and grab handles thick enough to support my morning toast! If that is a good tote then what makes a powerful tote? One that has all the characteristics of a great tote but also says I am big enough to be in my lane.

So I have narrowed down the totes that I am seriously considering and will be sharing some pictures with you in the coming days.

  1. Paul Costelloe Grab bag

  2. Miu Miu Limited edition

  3. Bally Tote bag

  4. Hobbs Black Moorgate Tote

  5. Lulu Guinness Black Grab bag

You’ll notice some of my shortlisted items say grab bag - is it a grab or a tote. That style of tote with a grab bag handle is of primal interest to me.

Let me know which one you think I should go for and I will share with you the one that finally made it to my wardrobe.

Until next time, xoxo