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Mummy's Guide to Gifts under £50

I have emerged after my long vacation of peace and tranquility...known as mummy in a funk mode...supercharged with various exciting ideas. But really the one I wanted to post about is the question I keep getting from my mum friends about what to gift this Christmas and how to keep it under £50.

While grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I met a family and was instantly drawn to the gorgeous jacket their toddler son was wearing. It had this big fluffy-ness around the hood which I love and have been on the hunt for a jacket like that for my toddler daughter. Unfortunately they received it as a gift from Switzerland.

In my quest for finding my little one a jacket with big fluffy-ness hood, I stumbled across a website called Bibaloo and I must say I am in love all over again. Yay yay! Deux par Deux's Fluffy Puffy is now on my list. Although this jacket might retail for more than £50 it looks like a keeper.

This next one is TroiZenfants and you can clearly see why we are in love! Also another one not under £50 but full of promise, elegance and style. I simply cannot pass this one by. From the hood to the trimmings, the feel and the finish, it is one classy jacket for any little girl who loves to dress up.

It is my believe that our little girls are an extension of their mummies hence my quote phrase "What's your style?".

A Poppy Millie dress such as in this photograph above is fast becoming a favourite here at Team M1D Baby. The green sweater pulls this effortlessly chic look together without trying to over-impress. With a look like that we could not omit off our list.

I am not a fan or lover of capes but this cutie right here is my turning point. Stunning!