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Party Friday v2

So as you all know, it's Friday already and I am looking forward to the weekend.

To put me in the zone I've been searching for trendy nail polish for the fall. Summer is already gone so soon in London and I hope this fall will not be full on or boring. Just so you know I don't find the fall boring in any way but just saying it leads to winter.

So I saw this Black and White nail tips and wondered where I'd seen these before (pic above).


Then I remembered this was not a new surprise. I had my version done in Edgeware road, London, about 4 years ago! I had the black tips only applied to the ends and it looked amazing. Simply stunning! I must say my nail stylist Lisa found it a challenge and didn't like it but we got there in the end.

So then I saw these navy lacquared nails suggested for fall 2011 and unfortunately it's still not working for me cos I've seen a lot of people with this for summer already. A change is always a good thing.

Then came the nudes which I rocked all of Q1 and Q2 this year, still crazy about it but I'd like something different now.

So right now at least I've still got 7 hours to go and an option of going for the nude. But I also love the deep blue voilets or the golden nudes.

Well, now this I saw and surprise surprise I want to try this. So I'm heading off to Selfridges to find me something in this colour range. If you find something better, tweet me and I'll be sure to feature in the next fashion blog.