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Shopping Saturday v2

So loving this River Island 70s look for Fall 2011.

Culottes are super sexy this season if you have the figure to show it off. They can be dressed up for a fun evening after work. I personally will steer clear of the black ones for this season as colour is fun and culottes are a fun way of introducing colour in your wardrobe without feeling awkward.

Another trend I see in shops recently is the boxy blouse. Comes fresh in hot pinks and oranges from H&M but I also found this one from River Island today. 

Pair this up with a pair of black or white smart leg trousers with a bit of satin in them for that chic look. Can be worn to work, you just need the right accessories. For an evening look, find some chunky beads with some glitz in one or some of the bids to draw light to your face. Always keep a button undone for the evening.

But for me, I'm loving the kimono boxy blouse in cream.

But seeing that a diva cannot be without a few other options while shopping, I've decided to team up the following while I try to find the perfect top among my wardrobe.