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Mmm mmm mmm! That Krispy Kreme Strawberry Gloss doughnut was just delicious. Fashionably glossy pink and yum yum. I couldn't fault it for an afternoon snack. I thought I'd update you guys before heading out to Harrods this afternoon to pick up some groceries and makeup.



The last time I was in Harrods, approx 2 weeks ago, I was shopping for a laptop bag fashionable enough to carry my 16.4" Sony laptop to work. After hours of futile search of the web, I decided to look into this trendy number from Aspinal of London.

Online photos of this was just perfect for managing my 'tech powerhouse' around my client's offices in London without looking like a labour of love. So, regrettably, I have to say I was very disappointed when I went into the Aspinal of London store to find that it was not ideal for my Sony. Reasons being, although sophisticated, slightly overpriced at £395 with not enough colour selection on the day and any give in the bag itself.

Without wasting time, I dashed off to Westfield to find a wider range of options under one roof where I went to find Mont Blanc, Mulberry and Salvatore Ferragamo. Long search and yet no pleasing this diva!

So finally, my settled choice came from Fossil. Although I had spotted this earlier in their shop window, I wanted to be sure it was in line with the 'marilyn1diva' image. At the office, I need to be conservative yet stylish, a difference to my ultra glamourous self out of the office.

I have to say it's growing on me and I like it even better now for the unique fashion character it has!