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The Ultimate Fashion Blog

Fashion on a Sunday

Ok so I know it has been a long time since I posted. But great things have been happening to me my friends and the Good Lord is always amazing.'re all waiting for me to spill the beans and'll just have to watch this page.

So the day began yesterday with hot coffee and a croisant followed by shopping all afternoon. You won't believe what my glistening eyes uncovered....


I want one...

These my fans is the Jimmy Choo Rob Pruitt Anouk Sandals! Aren't they amazeballs?

I have a lovely Chantilly Lace dress in my wardrobe that would suit this gorgeous pair of shoes perfectly. Jimmy Choo shoes are always very well made and I am a huge fan.

Fashion on a Sunday would be perfect with these and a butt hugging pair of designer jeans of your choice and a hemp t-shirt, black leather blazer and huge designer shades to boot.

I love and it gets the 'marilyn1diva' seal of approval for unique fashion trends.