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The Big Freeze

Earlier this week, many of us Londoners experienced snowy showers. Some, me in particular, were hoping to have some deep piles of snow to play around in. Unfortunately I did not see the snow I was hoping for, although the rumor in the weather news is that there will still be snow. Let me say I am not holding out for it in case I am disappointed big time.

However, with the weather still very very cold, I am interested in how my divas are wrapping up warm in style. And as you know I am not sitting on the fence with this one, I have a few ideas and have therefore listed some of my favourites here.

This Zara coat with applique sleeves looks stunning and is very affordable. It can be worn with simple pair of well ironed trousers and a simple top or wet look leggings and a bold t-shirt. This would be a go-to for throwing a coat on when it's dire to head out of the door in a minute.

 I also am in love with this Chloe number as it is ideal for perhaps a more fancy event.

I love everything about it, the length, the colour, the cut, the style. It is chic with a hint of fabulousness.

Then there is this true hugger from Zara's collection and it is perfect for a quick trip to the mall for any essentials a girl has to get. I have one similar to this in a beautiful dark green shimmer with a big fur hood and the whole thing is filled with down feathers.

One thing I do know is that coats are like shoes. You need a fur one, a sleek one, a classic one, a dinner one, the list goes on.