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What to wear: 2013

So as 2012 is rapidly drawing to a close with only a few lays left to go, my thoughts turn to 2013 and what to wear.

This year saw events from Cannes Film Festival to the London Olympics showcasing many fashionable trends, some new and some revamped from the past. If you remember the ones that make you cringe on Fashion Police, then this is not the place to reiterate them. They surely must be forgotten.

Looking back at the year that brought me many challenges and yet many fantastic opportunities, I am very much hopeful for what success next year brings. And I believe it will be great and abundant success to mirror my hard work in 2012.

One of the key trends I am aspiring to wear is the pencil skirt, not just any pencil skirt. One fashioned for a true diva. 

Apart from that all important waist cinching quality this fashion item posseses, this could also be worn with a bomber jacket for an edgy look.

Another trend I am hoping will last long into 2013 is the mesh infused leggings. Classy and sophisticated yet has an angle to it. Perfect for those long dinner dates with your boyfriends or special partner without screaming "whore!"

But my marilyn1diva girls know they need a little diva when needed. My girl Beyonce has this trend nailed to a T, and I am proud to showcase this as I am also dying to find the studded mesh leggings.

My preference for classy, sophisticated and sexy clothing means one thing! I am open to suggestions so please send me your ideas or expectations for 2013.

There will be plenty of fun and success in the New Year.