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Ted Baker Friday

I was online shopping, a couple of Fridays ago, for some trendy fashionable Ted Baker items to wear Spring/Summer 2014. 

Ted Baker driving gloves

As some of you know, I am obsessed with Ted Baker and so is my partner. However, I did not manage to finish the handy collection I was putting together as mummy duty called.

But if this mummy could not finish her shopping a couple of Fridays ago, then today will see Miss Determination do just that! So it is now mid day and I find my self looking at some of the items on my handy collection list and I'm thinking what did I see in that?!

Not to confuse this with the fact that I am still obsessed with most of Ted Baker's SS/14 Collection. I am getting a new car this year and as often, driving in the sun is very challenging for women who want to maintain the youth of their hands. Add that challenge to being a mum and it's nearly impossible. So I decided wearing driving gloves where I can is a must and the purple Ted Baker gloves shown above is super stylish and cool.

By the way, for those sassy moms looking to keep their hands fresh and youthful, I have been trying out Skin Doctors Younger Hands hand cream and it's promising so far. I plan to buy some more in order to gain from the full benefits. Here's keeping my fingers crossed for these busy mummy fingers!

Ted Baker Oil Painting Skirt

Ted Baker Oil Painting Skirt

I just love this oil painting skirt. It's so chic and classy, perfect for my summer 2014.

Ted Baker Stripe Skirt

Ted Baker Stripe Skirt

I love the playful fun in this skirt. It's perfect for that spring/summer barbecue.

I keep saying, a lady must never forget her handbag. And ladies, this does not disappoint.