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MET Gala Bonanza

MET Gala cop out

How many of you have found yourselves desperately trying to retrieve a posting that should have gone live ages ago but failed? That feeling!

This posting should have gone live on May 5 and I must say it is not the way I expected to begin my excitement about the MET Gala this year. 

Or was it a MET Gala Fiasco? Hit it!

SJP brought it big!

Wow! were my thoughts and feelings when I first saw Sarah Jessica Parker's MET gown. Oh la la. This is how to do it from the hair to the gown to the accessories. Perfecto!

Admittedly, only a handful of celebrities made the marilyn1diva team cut and as we've started with the winner of the show, SJP, shall we carry on?

Another wow! Bam! Rihanna wowed big time

Kim Kardashian looked stunning in this unusual ensemble for her

Beyonce looked stunning as ever