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The Ultimate Fashion Blog

Success Friday

Today is a special day in our lives and that of my family. For those of you who know me well would know that today has now marked a special blessing for which I am truly grateful.

That bottle of champagne in the fridge will get opened tonight. There will be lots of cheer in my household tonight followed by a weekend of utter happiness.

Now here's the thing, I am now looking for that feel good outfit for tonight. An outfit that says marilyn1diva has come out to play!

Orange is indeed the new black and this is something we are very excited about....Christian Louboutin Riviera Clutch in love love

Matched with stunning Christian Louboutin Galata pumps!

Mmmm can I find something in my wardrobe to drape over my body? Aha! And there it was. A lovely black wrap dress dying to be worn since May.