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Coat Is Fabulous In 2015

Where have all the fabulous coats gone?...My thoughts while shopping online for a new warm friend. Hmmm maybe the sales have got these fashionistas in a corner so they could not resist raiding the rails of all the shops in London!

Until I remembered "The Duvet Coat". I already have a "Duvet" coat which is snuggly and warm but fancy a change. You know how a shopaholic makes an excuse just to go shopping? In my world it means get another one now.

Duvet Coat

Here's the thing. When I shop for anything, I am looking for exquisite. I like a certain look and ordinary anything just doesn't cut it for me.

So AW14/15 coats that appeal to me right now are the Duvet Coats from Chloe, Kenzo and Junya Watanabe.

Junya Watanabe strikes me as the kind of apparel artist who makes fabulous pieces and thinks outside the box. This may not win majority votes but so does "thinking outside the box" fashion. It is very important in today's fashion world for great pieces to stand out in a clever way. This is because the market provides a rich choice.

Another clever masterpiece is a Max Mara coat. A staple in every fashionable girl's wardrobe.

A Max Mara Camel all I can say!