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The Ultimate Fashion Blog

Starting my 2015 with a bang

2015 is here and I find myself extraordinarily excited!

It is going to be a wonderful and special year for everyone and the best way to achieve all of our aspirations this year is to remember that karma does come around. The best attitude towards that is to put your best foot forward in everything.


My outlook on achievements has changed dramatically and I must confess that this change became evident in the run up to Christmas. My life long objectives remain the same but the way I derive satisfaction at every stage in my journey towards achieving these objectives has become ultimate and satisfactory.

Suddenly the way I view my routes to achieving my objectives are in a completely different light. I have found amazing peace within and at this stage realise that the only way is up.

I am taking the love, success and blessings received from 2014 and moving full speed ahead into 2015 with my loved ones and family. 

It is certainly a fact that my desires are here at last and I wish you all the same too!

Muah muah muah xx