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It has been a few months since my last post in what looks like a decade and each time I sit down with my laptop and the Sky remote next to me (after putting my dear little daughter to bed), I utterly feel guilty for coming up with no finished content.

In such situations, it isn't because I have nothing to write about but rather that the tiredness I have been deluding myself of all day finally catches up with me and renders me totally incapable of making sense of my drafts. This of course means I missed out on sharing with you my thoughts on some epic fashion shows some of which you know are favorites like Cannes...that was a sad week of not posting anything.

So I have decided to splurge on a real leather jacket. Why? To appease my troubled soul pursuant to so many procrastinated start and stop posts that never got published. And perhaps you could say that Kim Kardashian inspired me with her leather on leather look. This is my first time buying or owning a leather jacket, so much so that it became a very insightful journey. I read some great reviews from some websites like, and 

This £3,000 Givenchy Leather on Velvet jacket was very close to what I had envisaged in mind so armed with this visual I was on the hunt for a bargain. 

Finally settling between the very well priced £140 real leather H&M jacket versus the £100 real leather River Island jacket. I know I know, both stores are very cheap hunts for what this luxury lady is all about but I have to say the H&M one was a clear favorite not only for me and my focus group but also a general bloggers favorite!

Just so you can see what I mean, I have posted pictures of both for your analysis.

River Island £100 Real leather jacket

The difference between the two? Well the H&M looks more like the Givenchy one while still maintaining an individual look. Even better, it is leather all the way through!

H&M £140 Real Leather jacket