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Are you updating a wardrobe or thinking about adding some cool fashionable or classic pieces before the year ends? Then stay with me while I show you some stunning items which I discovered recently.

chic wardrobe

As you have already gleaned from the previous post, I am so into my leather jackets right now. If you do not have one, ladies, you gotta get one in the style that best suits you. And urgently. They are so versatile and cool. But what you mustn't do is buy faux leather. That just won't cut it.

Philipp Plein Crocodile Leather

This Philipp Plein leather jacket will set you back a few many $$,000 but we just love it's individuality. Who knew crocodile skin made a fabulous jacket?

Another find which I am so happy to talk about is The Celine Cobalt Blue bag which we simply adore.

Celine bag

This bag is simply a winning staple in any diva's wardrobe but if you have been out priced, then at least aim to have some accessories in this beautiful bold colour. This colour says 'I am confident and pack a style, don't I know it'.

So what is the alternative you might ask? Here...

Celine sunglasses

A shade of sunglasses that turns everything in your sight into a beautiful realm.

What chic wardrobe staples have you stumbled across recently? Do share xoxo