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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year everyone. I know you have all been so busy and likewise but sometimes you know there are no excuses. This year I have made it my resolution to write more and post more. Armed with a new Canon camera, how can I tame my photography passion?

Some of you know I have been battling a few issues lately but I am happy to say that those issues are now behind me. For this diva, the New Year has truly began with a very promising start. 

In my New Year's message to my followers, I strongly promoted self confidence because it is at the center of all success. Without believing in myself I would not be able to achieve all that I have achieved. And for someone to even believe in me, it all starts with self confidence.

A few years ago I recorded and watched an interview with Amanda De Cadenet and Diane Von Furstenberg. The ever-so-inspiring Diane said something in that interview that reminded me of the very reason I am inspired by success and wealth. She revealed to Amanda that she never really knew what she wanted to do but she knew she wanted to be an independent woman. 

I share the same inspiration and passion, and to me an independent woman is far more attractive than the alternative. Somehow it makes me wonder if the way we are brought up has anything to do with our perspectives on the matter. I certainly know that having a baby didn't stop me going back to work in 3 weeks. For some that is relateable but for some that is just pure madness.

So whatever you find yourself doing this new year, remember there is only one of you. If you hear a lot of no to a really good idea that you believe in, then you are surrounding yourself with the wrong crowd. Nothing in your vision will come true if you do not stop associating with the wrong crowd. It is time to move on. Things really do work for you when you believe in yourself. It's not a fairy tale, it is true. 

Goodluck and keep love alive.

Muah muah muah

Love M