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The Ultimate Fashion Blog


Did any of my fashionistas notice the spooky-ness of today's date: 10-11-12?

Well, as I don't do Halloween but yet remain suspertitious around that time of the year, I wasn't far off when I received a newsletter this morning drawing me to this spooky date.

And in true 'marilyn1diva' style, I went out and had a lavish dinner with girlfriends at a rather nice Indian restaurant in Chelsea Village. By the time the second course arrived I was seeing fashion everywhere. Fashion in the food presentations, to my pallette, to the trendy clientelle, oh it was in my eyes.

I wasn't to disappoint either as I wore a beautiful jumper on top of plain black hemp style vest and super cool leggings. And might I add with no effort at all.

Teamed up with a beautiful textured simple black pair of leggings...

Pulled together with...